Using Metalwork To Create Decorative Sculpture

June 20, 2024
A Metal Decorative Structure - Arrow Engineered Products

When thinking of decorative sculpture, one might recall images of lone artists such as Michelangelo or Donatello chipping away at a solid piece of marble to create a masterpiece designed to last for ages.

Fast-forward to today, when modern sculptors have moved from the art studio to metal fabrication facilities to create custom-fabricated metal artwork, canopies, statues, and other metal decorative elements for government buildings, schools, commercial plazas, public parks, luxury homes, and much more.

No more waiting for years for that beautiful sculpture; thanks to innovative fabrication techniques, architectural designs can be created in a very short time period. 

Why Use Metal To Create Decorative Sculpture?

Metal offers a cost-effective sculpture solution that’s growing in popularity for a number of reasons, including: 

  • Steel sculptures are uniquely resistant to outdoor elements, such as extreme heat, cold, or precipitation
  • Stainless steel can be passivated to remove surface contamination and increase its resistance to corrosion
  • Malleable, durable stainless steel is relatively inexpensive and particularly easy to work with, cutting down production time and project costs
  • Metal fabricators can work with a wide variety of exotic metals and finishes such as bare Muntz metal, brass, and polished copper, as well as nonmetals such as plastic, wood, and composites
  • Stainless steel can be shaped into many configurations, including natural and mathematical forms and custom contours, convex, and concave shapes
  • Close attention is paid to cosmetics, mirror polishes, and tight fit-up
  • Industrial coatings, including Amercoat, can be applied to steel to help protect against abrasion and impact damage
  • Special insulation for silencing can be added to the piece
  • Steel can be derived from repurposed sources, cutting down the environmental impact of the project

Arrow Engineered Products has the skills, experience, and technology to roll, twist, and weld stainless steel into custom shapes matched to your requirements, staying true to your original artistic vision. 

How Is Metal Fabricated Into Decorative Sculpture?

Sculpting metal involves more than just a solitary artist. A whole team of designers, artists, engineers, and metal fabrication experts gets behind metal sculpture projects to ensure the complete accuracy and quality of the finished product.

At Arrow Engineered Products, we use computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to create 2D images of the different pieces that will make up the sculpture. Once you’ve approved the final drawings, we’ll present a list of recommended materials that will maximize the performance of your finished artwork based on its intended location, application, and other factors.

Our engineers use computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutters to ensure the most precise cuts for the most accurate results possible. Robust CNC technology directs the plasma torch along the material according to the step-by-step instructions delivered by the CNC software based on your design. The tools use concentrated electrical currents to slice through the metal while high-velocity gas removes the melted material from the workspace, helping to ensure a clean cut.

Arrow fabricators then shape the piece as desired using technologies such as metal bending, plate rolling, or structural roll bending. These techniques enable us to control the bends, rolls, and thickness of the finished pieces.

Once the individual pieces are completed, our welders begin connecting them together using strategies that ensure strong, long-lasting bonds. If the design calls for a smooth surface without visible welds, we will grind and sand down the weld area until it seamlessly blends with the surrounding metal.

Lastly, we carry out a complete polishing treatment for a beautiful surface on the completed artwork, giving you a sculpture you’ll be proud to put on display.

Professional fabrication is critical to the durability of your metal sculpture, ensuring it adds aesthetic beauty to its surroundings for generations to come. When you’re ready to work with a professional team that has over 100 years of metalworking success under its belt, give Arrow Engineered Products a call.

Engineered Products That Focus On Your Requirements

The highly skilled team at Arrow Engineered Products is proud to consistently deliver solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ needs. We use a combination of advanced technologies, sustainable practices, and trained, passionate tradespeople to bring your dream designs to life.

Since 1923, we’ve been the leading source of reliable, quality-engineered metal products that create value for our customers. Our forward-thinking approach to metal machining keeps us at the forefront of our industry and will take our customers far into the future with reliable work they can depend on.

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