The Role Of Technology In Modern Metal Fabrication

May 17, 2024
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Metal fabrication is a centuries-old practice of making unique shapes from raw materials to serve a particular purpose. As humankind’s needs have evolved since those early days, so too has the technology used to create customized metal products. 

Arrow Engineered Products has roots in this industry going back to 1923. Although 100 years is a relatively short period of time in the long history of metalworking, it’s during this period that innovations have advanced the most. Arrow’s proud history includes adopting new technology to meet the needs of our customers who expect nothing less than quality products built to their exact specifications. 

We’re proud to be able to deliver this to them, thanks in part to our proficiency with design and metal manufacturing technology. 

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How Technology Has Revolutionized Metal Fabrication

Interestingly, metal manufacturing technology not only provides improvements to the production process, but it also helps improve communications, strengthen supply chains, and solve labour shortage concerns within the industry at large. 

Here are some examples of the technology we use at Arrow and how they help us deliver high-quality, cost-effective products:

Additive Metal Fabrication And Manufacturing

Metalworking has traditionally used subtractive manufacturing, which refers to the practice of shaping a piece of metal by removing layers through methods such as cutting and grinding. 

Additive manufacturing takes the opposite approach by adding layers of material to an object. An example of additive manufacturing is 3D printing. This process helps fabricators achieve a new level of customization while minimizing waste, making it a greener and potentially more cost-effective approach for manufacturers.

Automation And Robotics 

Automation systems and robotics are transforming metal manufacturing. Automation technology is at the heart of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, empowering the milling machine to automatically turn, cut, and grind material without human intervention. Automation also helps ensure consistent product repeatability and quality control.   

Like automated systems, robots can carry out tasks 24/7, helping speed up processes such as welding or cutting. Collaborative robots (cobots) are designed to help human workers complete dangerous or monotonous tasks, helping to enhance worker safety and offset any potential labour shortages. However, robotics aren’t intended to replace human workers but rather to support their need for efficiency, reduce their risk of developing repetitive stress injuries, and empower them to focus on more engaging, value-driven tasks.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software

Pencil and paper were once the go-to tools for design engineers, but modern technology has thankfully put those practices behind us. Design engineers now turn to CAD software to capture your project specifications along with a 3D model for unparalleled accuracy. No matter how complex the design may be, we can obtain the perfect result every time. Adjustments can also be made quickly if design modifications become necessary due to further innovation.

The specifications can easily be integrated into the CNC machine for faster production, getting your product into service or to market faster than ever before.

Digital Collaboration And Reporting Tools For Metal Fabrication

Cloud-based collaboration tools enhance project collaboration between our teams, our R&D department, and other stakeholders, no matter where they’re located. This technology lets us make real-time project-related decisions to help optimize your scheduling. 

Reporting tools allow you to track production processes from both CNC and human-run workstations in real-time. This feature enables quick project status updates on demand. Additionally, if any issues need to be resolved, the system can send automatic alerts to project leads or relevant stakeholders anywhere in the supply chain so they can be addressed and solved quickly. This data can also be used for predictive analytics to avoid problems in the future.

Engineered Products Built With Technology

Arrow Engineered Products prioritizes using the latest advanced technology to create top-quality products that meet your exact specifications. Our mission is to help you save on production costs and lower your lead times with cost-effective solutions that help build profits. 

Our vertical supply chain can help you access virtually any metal design, fabrication, and assembly service you may need. We are your one-stop shop for quality engineered parts and components that will bring your company sustainable long-term success.

We’ve been doing this for over 100 years – that’s experience you can count on!

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